Подъемник NIFTY 120

Подъемник NIFTY 120
The Nifty 120 is one of the most robust and versatile trailer mounts available. Its telescopic axles allow it to pass through double doorway openings and setting up is simple with a choice of manual or hydraulic outriggers. Operation is quick, easy, and reliable hydraulic controls make it an ideal alternative to ladders and scaffolds.
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Retractable axles allow the Nifty 120 to pass through a 1.10m (3ft 6in) wide opening.

The 120's manual outriggers are both cost effective and simple to set up.

To save time and energy when setting up, the 120 is also available with a hydraulic outriggers option.


  • Pressure sensitive outriggers
  • Audible and Visible Alarms
  • Manual Recovery with Hand Pump
  • Dual Controls (Platform & Base)
  • Lock Valves on all Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Overrun Brakes with Gas Spring Hand Brake
  • Dual Harness Points
  • CE Marked

    Drive OptionTraction Drive
    Working Height12,33 m
    Platform Height10,33 m
    Working Outreach5
    Slew, degrees360
    Width Axles Retracted1,1 m 
    Width Working2,7 m
    Width Travelling1,5 m
    Length5,5 m
    Height1,9 m
    Weight1,160 kg
    Platform Capasity200 kg
    Platform Size1,10 m x 0,65 m
    Control SystemFully Proportional Hydraulic
    Power SystemMains Only/ Battery Only/Petrol or Diesel Only/Bi-Energy (Engine & Battery)